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Here is the Genealogy of the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family depicting the origin upto the first Zamindar Laksmikanta Gangopadhyay.


Maharshi Saborno >Shaubhari Upadhayay (renowned vedic Brahmin and Sanskrit scholar at Kanauj of countrywide fame) >1. Vedagarbha Gangopadhyay >2. Halayudha (Bira Raghaba alias Hala) >3. Gunai >4. Hari >5. Subikrama >6. Bishai >7. Balai >8.Heramba >9.Shauri >10. Pitambara >11. Kulapati (scholar at Amati, Katwa) >12.Sishoo >13. Gadadhara >14. Haladhara >15. Ayurama >16. Binayak >17.Shiva (alias Jiya, scholar like Vyasa, still at Amati) >18. Parameshwara (purari) >19. Panchanan Gangopadhyay (Panchu Shakti Khan, settled at Havelisahar or todays Halisahar) >20. Shambhupati (born 1500 AD) >21. Jiya Gangopadhyay (kamdeva brahmachari, 1535/48-1620) >22. Laksmikanta Gangopadhyay (Ray, Majumdar Choudhury, 1570-1649).

At present the Thirty seventh generation is in existence in the family at Barisha, Halisahar and Birati.

It should be remembered that there was no one by the name Sabarna Choudhury or Sabarna Roy Choudhury in the line of descendancy of Vedagarbha till the present generation. There is a misconception among some that there actually existed one such person by the name. All of the descendants of Vedagarbha are essentially Gangopadhhyay Brahmins. Those who received seperate titles started using them neglecting the aborginal one. The descendants of Laksmikanta s two eldest sons Ram and Gauri now carry the title of Roy Choudhury and are mainly settled at Barisha, Halisahar, Nimta, Birati, Kheput, Uttarpara etc. and are also scattered all over the World. Thus the family is called as the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family depicting the Saborno Gotra and the Zamindari titles coined together.

It is also to be noted that keeping in tune with the Bengali Phonetics the spelling Saborno is being used in Genealogies, documents, and in treatise. But again to keep up with the Multilingual aspects and Globalisation trends of the modern World, the spelling Sabarna is adhered to.