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Sabarna Parishad সাবর্ণ পরিষদ

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Sabarna Sangrahashala সাবর্ণ সংগ্রহশালা

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All your Quest

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The Sabarna Prithivi 1 and 2 Websites are meant to share exclusive informations on the great Sabarna Roy Choudhury family and its ties with history, culture and heritage of Bengal. These Websites are the official venture of the Sabarna Roy Choudhury Paribar Parishad and expresses the family views, comments, and ideas. The informations which have been given here are all derived from ongoing research, authentic texts, family records and other documents. All texts of the Websites and pictures related to the family are restricted for copying and the Parishad or the author should not be held responsible for any consequences if somebody illegally uses all these informations for personal or professional use. Persons who require informations for research purposes or writing may contact and apply to the Parishad at the Email address provided.

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Explore the Sabarna Prithivi Websites......
The family history Look here for the family history from 10 Th Century A.D.
The Author Know about the Biography of the Author.
History Corridor Walk here and find yorself amidst historical facts.
Gallery Nostalgia A section of rare photographs.

Continue your historical journey......
Genealogy Was there anyone by the name Sabarna ? Find out here.
Kulinism Know the details about the genetical restrictions on marriages once prevalent.
The Kalighat Lord Shiva became furious...... then ? The legend and history combines together......
The Sabarna Parishad The details of the supreme family organisation.
Sabarna Sangrahashala An Institution and upcoming museum to protect the family heritage and carry research works.
Photo Archive Another section which features more on historical and family facts in pictures.
Traditional Barisha A place of utmost historical and tourist importance......
Family News Find out the latest family news, events and happenings.
The Family today The details of the Sabarna family as it is today.